Books & Articles


  • Southeast Asia : The Diversity Dilemma, Sree Kumar and Sharon Siddique, Singapore, Select Books Publishing, 2008
  • Mind the Gaps : Singapore Business in China, Sree Kumar, Sharon Siddique, Yuwa Hedrick-Wong, Singapore, ISEAS, 2005
  • The 2nd ASEAN Reader, Sharon Siddique and Sree Kumar (editors), Singapore, ISEAS, 2003
  • Islam and Civil Society – Messages from Southeast Asia, Sharon Siddique, Mitsuo Nakamura and Omar Farouk, eds., Singapore: ISEAS, 2000
  • Nutmeg and a Touch of Class: The Story of Cairnhill Road, Sharon Siddique, Singapore: Sembawang Properties Pte. Ltd, 2000
  • The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Modern Islamic World, 4 vols., Sharon Siddique (joint editor), New York: Oxford University Press, 1995
  • The Management of Ethnic Relations in Public Housing Estates, Sharon Siddique, Ooi Giok Ling and Soh Kay Cheng, Singapore: Times Academic Press, 1994
  • The ASEAN Reader, Sharon Siddique and K.S. Sandhu et. al., compilers. Singapore: ISEAS, 1992
  • Southeast Asian Affairs 1991, Sharon Siddique (editor), Singapore: ISEAS, 1991.
  • Muslim Society, Higher Education and Development in Southeast Asia, Sharon Siddique and Sharom Ahmat (editors), Singapore: ISEAS, 1987
  • Islam and Society in Southeast Asia, Sharon Siddique and Taufik Abdullah (editors) Singapore: ISEAS, 1986 also translated into Bahasa Indonesia as Tradisi dan Kebangkitan: Islam di Asia Tenggara, Jakarta: LP3ES, 1988.
  • Readings on Islam in Southeast Asia, Sharon Siddique, Ahmad Ibrahim and Yasmin Hussain, (compilers), Singapore: ISEAS, 1985 also translated into Bahasa Indonesia in two volumes Islam di Asia Tenggara: Perspektiv Sejarah, Jakarta: LP3ES, 1989; Islam di Asia Tenggara: Perkembangan Kontemporer, Jakarta: LP3ES, 1990.
  • Singapore's Little India, Sharon Siddique and Nirmala Purushotam. Singapore: ISEAS, 1982.
  • Trends in Indonesia II, Sharon Siddique and Leo Suryadinata, (editors), Singapore: Singapore University Press, 1981.



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