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Sree Kumar

  • “ Regional Economic Integration in Southeast Asia : Informal Models and Growth Triangles”, Proceedings of the International Seminar on Regional Integration Areas, held in Macau, February 1997, organised by IEEI (Lisbon), Macau Foundation, University of Macau.
  • “The Role of Domestic Savings in Economic Development” Proceedings of the Conference on Latin America : The Role of Savings held in Lisbon, September 1996, IRELA.
  • “Global tendencies of restructuring the political and economic system : the Asian point of view”, in Die internationale Situation Lateinamerikas in einer veranderten Welt, Mols (ed), Vervuert Verlag, Frankfurt, 1995.
  • "Southeast Asian Export Strategies : The Lessons of Experience", in Latin America's Competitive Position in the Enlarged European Market, Fischer, von Gleich and Grabendorff (editors), Hamburg Institute for Economic Research, Hamburg, 1994.
  • "JSR Triangle - A Model of Joint Cooperation" in Growth Triangles in Asia : A New Approach to Regional Cooperation, Myo Thant, Min Tang and Hiroshi Kakazu (editors), Oxford University Press for Asian Development Bank, 1994.
  • “Beyond Economic Reality : New Thoughts on the Growth Triangle” with Sharon
    Siddique, in Southeast Asian Affairs 1994, Daljit Singh (ed), ISEAS, Singapore, 1994. "New Directions for Economic Growth in Southeast Asia" in Southeast Asian Affairs 1993, Daljit Singh (ed), ISEAS, Singapore, 1993.
  • Nontariff Barriers in ASEAN, PITO Economic Brief No. 13, Institute for Economic Development and Policy, East West Center, Honolulu, 1993.
  • “Assessing AFTA” in The ASEAN Reader, Sandhu, Siddique et al (editors), ISEAS, Singapore 1992.

Sharon Siddique

  • “An Outsider Looking in at Chinese Singaporeans”, in Ethnic Relations and Nation- Building in Southeast Asia”, Leo Suryadinata, ed., Singapore: ISEAS, 2004
  • “Global Islam: Doctrinal and Strategic Implications”, with Yaacob Ibrahim, Peter Riddell, and Shad Saleem Faruqi, Singapore:ISEAS, Trends in Southeast Asia Series, 2003
  • “Religion and Realpolitik in Muslim Southeast Asia”, Panorama 1/2002
  • “Corporate Pluralism: Singapore Inc. and the AMP” in Southeast Asian Pluralisms: Social Resources for Civility, Robert Hefner, ed., Boston: Boston University Press, 2001
  • “Islam and Civil Society: A Case Study from Singapore” in Islam and Civil Society – Messages from Southeast Asia, with Mitsuo Nakamura and Omar Farouk, eds., Singapore: ISEAS, 2001
  • “Maritime Enterprise and Port Development in the Region” with Sree Kumar, in Reviving Cities: Enterprise, Maritime, Heritage Opportunities”, Johor: ISI, forthcoming
  • “Social Cohesion and Social Conflict in Southeast Asia” in Social Cohesion and Social Conflict” Lim Teck Ghee and Kazuhide Kuroda, eds., Washington DC: World Bank, forthcoming
  • "Culture and Identity in the Public Housing Environment" in The City and the State in Singapore, edited by Ooi Giok Lim, Singapore: Oxford University Press, 1996.
  • "Beyond Economic Reality: New Thoughts on the Growth Triangle", in Southeast Asian Affairs 1994, Singapore: ISEAS, 1994.



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